Magic Mirror – YouTube Demos

The Future Mirror by Panasonic Demo at CES 2015: 2. Cybertecture Mirror Supplier – Colourliving: 3. Rebecca Minkoff Connected Store in New York City 4. BBC Programme “Beneath the Lab Coat” – Virtual Dressing + Social Engagement 5. eBay’s Magic Mirror 6. Microsoft developer built a voice-controlled smart mirror in 20 hours Continue reading Magic Mirror – YouTube Demos

Article – What I Learnt From Start-up Founders

Share from Matthew on 24 Nov 2015 Read original: What I’m going to share with you today, therefore, is not a recipe of how to run a successful startup.  And It is not about how to make great products and change the world.  What I am going to talk to you about tonight are three things that I’ve personally learned from the startup founders that I’ve met throughout my career – and how they’ve influenced me and helped me define who I am. – Leona Wong Extract from article: The first thing I’ve learned is that you should look … Continue reading Article – What I Learnt From Start-up Founders