Article – What I Learnt From Start-up Founders

Share from Matthew on 24 Nov 2015

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What I’m going to share with you today, therefore, is not a recipe of how to run a successful startup.  And It is not about how to make great products and change the world.  What I am going to talk to you about tonight are three things that I’ve personally learned from the startup founders that I’ve met throughout my career – and how they’ve influenced me and helped me define who I am.
– Leona Wong

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The first thing I’ve learned is that you should look for a career, not a job.

The second thing I’ve learned from the founders is their attitude towards failures.  Without exception, none of them are afraid of failures.  And they don’t see success the way the other people do.

The third thing that I’ve learned from my startup friends, and also the last one that I’m going to share with you tonight, is to invest in your hobbies.  Do something fundamentally different from your routines.  Maintain one or two hobbies that you really enjoy doing so.  That can help you escape from your daily life.  It’s because your hobbies may lead you to something unexpected that might change your life somehow in the future.

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