Instagram Valentino’s SOV Surpasses Michael Kors


Michael Kors has long held a reputation as a leader on socialmedia. It was the first to advertise on Instagram and an early adopter of WeChat (compared to Western brands). In this year’s Digital IQ Index®: Fashion, however, Valentino amplified its share of voice on Instagram past the social media maven to becoming the largest among Fashion brands. The brand tripled its post frequency this year, and earned the largest share of voice on Instagram. Since on average each Instagram image from a luxury brand results in 10,000 additional mentions from brand fans, #Valentino was mentioned on the platform 10 million times more than #MichaelKors or any hashtag campaign from the brand.

Part of this social media push comes from Valentino’s sudden growth; it was the fastest growing luxury brand of 2015, and released six collections to date to keep up with demand. In addition to opening a flagship store in Rome, the brand has been promoting events on social media (see Zoolander walk) and reaping the best results from Instagram. Valentino has mentioned influencers, bloggers, celebrities and media outlets in nearly 77% of posts, while just a third of Michael Kors posts have similar content.

fashion-1024x683.pngThough Valentino is the winner of Instagram share of voice this year – and has moved from Average to Gifted with a 32% increase in Digital IQ in this year’sreport – Michael Kors is still ahead in likes and comments. On average, each Michael Kors post receives twice the engagement of a post from Valentino.


Valentino posts Instagram at least 35 times per week.

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