360° video – Berlin Philharmonic X Google Cultural Institute

Google Cultural Institute: https://performingarts.withgoogle.com/

article: http://www.dw.com/en/online-visit-to-the-berlin-philharmonic/a-18889423



The Berlin Philharmonic provides a virtual tour through the concert hall. Viewers, in a 360-degree video, can watch Simon Rattle conducting, or learn about the history of the orchestra.

The media library is accessible online, and has contributions from the Opéra National de Paris, Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company as well as US institutions Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera. The Berlin State Opera has also contributed photos of the building’s renovation.

Google did not comment on the cost of the new media library. The Google Cultural Institute is a non-profit organization and will cover the costs, according to Amit Sood. The goal is to provide education and culture. The project will, of course, boost the brand as well. Google is already working together with museums and has displayed parts of the exhibition at Munich’s Deutsches Museum online.


Four 360° video available:videos



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