Update on Our Advertising Transparency

Starting next month, people will be able to click “View Ads” on a Page and view ads a Page is running on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger — whether or not the person viewing is in the intended target audience for the ad. All Pages will be part of this effort, and we will require that all ads be associated with a Page as part of the ad creation process. We will start this test in Canada and roll it out to the US by this summer, ahead of the US midterm elections in November, as well as broadly to all other countries around the same time. Continue reading Update on Our Advertising Transparency

FB Organic Reach Testing

自從FB cut organic reach testing一出, fb admins反應都大, 但noises都係環繞fb admins/ channels, 一般users反應不大。聲音主要分為1) stick with fb, 2)跳船。

stick with fb 既睇法主要係 呼籲users開notifications + see first
跳船既睇法 raise out 左討論圈子對 medium 既關注 Continue reading FB Organic Reach Testing



也就是说,你需要在原理(Principle)、战略(Strategy)和技巧(Tactic)之间做出权衡。如果要排个优先级的话,我的结论是:原理(Principle)> 战略(Strategy)> 技巧(Tactic)。为什么这么说呢?如果你知道的都是技巧,你可能不会灵活应用他们。只有了解增长背后的原理,才能找到正确的策略,然后才能驾驭各种工具和技巧。 Continue reading 增长是一门科学,而不是一堆技巧



另外一方面,在采集数据时,没有做到标准化、规范化上报;那么在做数据挖掘分析时,就很难得到有效信息。而数据的准确性和稳定性是数据科学管理的基础,如果无法满足这两点,在业务决策上就会存在很多问题。 Continue reading 从误区到案例到分析,如何从0到1搭建数据化运营体系

Facebook Is Now Letting Brands and Media Companies Create Their Own Groups Within Pages

The social network today announced that it’s expanding globally what it’s been testing in some markets for months. According to Facebook product manager Linda Xiong, the feature will let brands create their own pages without having to rely on admins to set up groups from their own personal accounts. That could be welcome news to social media managers who want to have more privacy and separation form work and also give organizations the chance to create “official” groups that unwanted or unofficial third parties and fan clubs can’t set up. Continue reading Facebook Is Now Letting Brands and Media Companies Create Their Own Groups Within Pages


说起短视频,脑子里瞬间蹦出的关联词一定是:一条、二更(而且两个词一定是同时蹦出来的)。即便有再多的相似之处,我们还是看到两个曾经像双生儿般的公众号,渐渐越走越远,走出了两条完全不同的发展路径。 Continue reading 一条VS二更:都是短视频的头部IP,究竟谁抄袭了谁,谁超越了谁

不按牌理的《一条》by 李飛步

來自中國的《一条視頻》翻山越嶺殺上 Facebook。它來勢洶洶,作品叫好又叫座,重用專頁後 5 個月,已賺到 26 萬次讚好*;5月尾陳美齡談教育的訪問在《一条》專頁至今錄得 875 萬次觀看,出街後一星期後授權東森那條,也有239萬次 。倘若社交平台是鬥獸場,它必定是頭猛獸,不需按牌理便輕取對手。話雖如此,它亦曾循規蹈矩,甚至擺出 Nick Wooster、彭于晏和高圓圓等皇牌,可是成效一般,要三度停刊 Facebook 調整策略。 Continue reading 不按牌理的《一条》by 李飛步