This Startup Is Using WeChat Chatbots To Scale English Learning   China’s Chatbot Industry Is Still Early Stage In China, chatbots are nowhere near as hyped up as they are in Western countries, where tech giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are actively investing in chatbot technology. For example, Google … Continue reading This Startup Is Using WeChat Chatbots To Scale English Learning

SoftBank Innovation Program SoftBank Innovation Program can help create a great fusion of your company’s innovative and creative solutions and SoftBank’s technology and resources. The result could be a whole new value proposition. To make people happier through an information revolution driven … Continue reading SoftBank Innovation Program


本轮融资会助推uSens凌感在今年将创新性的inside-out手势和头部位置追踪技术投入市场应用,开发者无需连线的控制手柄或者繁琐的周边设备就可以在移动端AR/VR中创造最自然的交互体验 Continue reading uSens淩感獲複星昆仲資本領投A輪2000萬美元融資

未來十年含金量最高的職業 — 成長駭客的秘密


網路賣家也面臨著嚴峻的問題,前一時間能夠奏效的方法,到了下一刻卻失去作用,能夠影響使用者會員的方式越來越少…… Continue reading 未來十年含金量最高的職業 — 成長駭客的秘密

Article – What I Learnt From Start-up Founders

Share from Matthew on 24 Nov 2015 Read original: What I’m going to share with you today, therefore, is not a recipe of how to run a successful startup.  And It is not about how to make great products and change the world.  What I am going to talk to you about tonight are three things that I’ve personally learned from the startup founders that I’ve met throughout my career – and how they’ve influenced me and helped me define who I am. – Leona Wong Extract from article: The first thing I’ve learned is that you should look … Continue reading Article – What I Learnt From Start-up Founders