本轮融资会助推uSens凌感在今年将创新性的inside-out手势和头部位置追踪技术投入市场应用,开发者无需连线的控制手柄或者繁琐的周边设备就可以在移动端AR/VR中创造最自然的交互体验 Continue reading uSens淩感獲複星昆仲資本領投A輪2000萬美元融資

Project Arena: Tron-like VR eSport

Original Article: Project Arena, a prototype game now in development from CCP, was teased today by CCP Games at Fanfest 2016, the company’s annual gathering in Reykjavik, Iceland. We first saw a rudimentary prototype of Project Arena at Fanfest 2015. It was found … Continue reading Project Arena: Tron-like VR eSport